The Savvy Yabby Report

Jevons Global provides general advice to retail investors via an email newsletter.

We provide you with our financial product recommendations via The Savvy Yabby Report.

This service provides you with thematic research and stock analysis for global equity markets via a newsletter format. There are both free and paid versions of the newsletter content. The unique component of our advice is a sentiment indicator which provides an estimate of the likely unrealized gains or losses of investors in stocks. This is provided in the form of a downloadable spreadsheet screening tool, along with our proprietary charts that illustrate sentiment. This is supplemented by research on investment themes we consider to be important drivers of market returns.

See our Financial Service Guide for important disclosures and information about this service

Free trials are available via the embedded signup form.

The newsletter service, including payment and email services, is provided by Substack.

The annual cost for the paid version, which includes downloadable stock screens, is $25 AUD per month.

Subscribers who prepay one year pay only $250 AUD per year.

Jevons Global is paid a percentage of subscriber revenues for content that is exclusive to this platform.