Private investors

Jevons Global is authorised to provide general advice only to qualified wholesale investors.


For client eligibility see our General Advice Warning.


Jevons Global provides these research services:

  • asset valuation research
  • thematic industry research
  • drivers of future long term growth
  • asset risk and return characteristics

Our speciality is thematic research on structural change.

Examples include: food, minerals, energy, infrastructure, aerospace and disruptive technology.

This service helps sophisticated investors locate attractive opportunities.


Jevons Global also develops specialised investment strategies delivered as model portfolios.

Our speciality is quantiative backtesting of global equity strategies to evaluate risk and return characteristics.

This service helps investors to understand risks and to better manage global market dynamics.


Jevons Global maintains extensive quantitative research capabilities to analyse market history.

Our speciality is the analysis of global equity market sentiment using proprietary indicators.

This service helps investors to interpret global market extremes of sentiment and act on opportunities.